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Free Task Box Templates for Packaging: Independent Work Inspiration

IWInspiration| Structured Work Systems | April 14, 2021

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These free task box templates are great for teaching counting and for helping students package items up to 5 pencils per package. This particular template is designed for pencils and can be used with pencil cases, pencil boxes, or pencil pouches. Or you could just use zip lock bags. I actually designed them for a student who was struggling, as a middle schooler, to learn to count to 5. So, we still needed to work on counting, but I wanted counting to be embedded into functional skills for him. This template helped with that.

Independent Work Inspiration: Material List

  • Print the free templates from the resource library and laminate for durability
  • Pencils
  • Pencil cases, pouches, boxes or Zip top baggies
Independent Work Inspiration: Pencil Packaging Free Task Box Template
These free task box templates are great for students still working on counting to be able to practice counting out pencils and packaging them in their #teacch work system. Click to Tweet

Free Task Box Templates for Packaging: Who Are They For?

You could use these free templates with just about any age. As I mentioned, I created them for a middle schooler. And the packaging task is something designed as a vocational task. However, they are useful templates to practice counting functional items for elementary through adulthood. They are great to practice packaging materials for a school store.

In addition, a great feature is that students don’t need to be able to count accurately. Students can independently package 1 to 5 pencils with the templates by matching them to the template. Then they pick them up and put them in the box, as I demonstrate in the video below. Plus, you can embed counting into it before you add it to independent work if you want, while the student is still mastering the skill.

Free Task Box Template for Packaging Video Tutorial

Tips for the Free Task Box Template for Packaging

The free task box templates come with a template for 1 pencil up to 5 pencils for packaging. You can use them with pencil boxes or pencil pouches as you see below. You can really use them with any container. In addition, you can use them to have students count out pencils for counting outside of independent work.

Independent Work Inspiration: Pencil Packaging Free Task Box Template

The free templates print out on a full size, 8.5×11 inch paper so that full size pencils can be laid over them. Theoretically, you could have students package different numbers of pencils in different boxes. But it might be difficult to make sure they know which box goes with which template (e.g., red box gets 3 pencils). Typically, I give them one template to use consistently with every container. Just make sure, as I noted in the video, that the student has the same number of pencils that match the number of packages you expect to be completed.

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Pencil Counting and Packaging Templates

This set of free task box templates has 5 templates for packaging pencils in boxes or school supply bags.

Grab them from the Free Resource Library. Click below to navigate or join the free library.

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Independent Work Inspiration: Pencil Packaging Free Task Box Template

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